How LED lighting can save you money

Whether you’re the owner of a small business, a facilities manager at a large corporation, or you’re a humble homeowner looking to make your property as efficient and as affordable as possible, LED lighting can help you save money and energy. Incredibly cost effective, LED lighting uses far less energy than halogen bulbs, making them kind on the environment and on your bank balance.

If you haven’t yet made the switch to LED, keep reading to find out how this innovative technology could help you save money and save the planet.

LED lighting

LEDs, or Light Emitting Diodes, are the most efficient type of bulb on the market. Lasting up to five times longer than CFL bulbs, their nearest competitors, LEDs also use significantly less energy than both halogen bulbs and CFLs, saving you a huge amount of money on your energy bills every year.

Another major benefit of LED lighting is the range of bulbs and lighting styles available. LEDs can be bright spotlights, soft mood lights or stylish down lights. A range of different colours is also available, so home and business owners should find it easy to source the lighting solution that suits their requirements.

Upfront costs Money & house

Though LEDs are more expensive to purchase than halogen bulbs and CFLs, the savings they bring to your energy bills will make them cost effective in as little as 15 months. What’s more, business customers switching to LED lighting can qualify for an enhanced capital allowance from HMRC, allowing them to make a 20% tax saving on their outlay.


Both homeowners and business owners will see significant and consistent savings in their energy bills after switching to LED bulbs. According to a recent case study, outdoor retailer Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports was able to save around £16,181 a year by switching the lighting in their warehouse over to LED bulbs. Over 10 years, the retailer expects to save a huge £144,552, even taking into account rising energy prices and the initial investment spent on making the switch.

As homeowners generally use fewer bulbs than commercial retailers, the savings they’ll see in their annual energy bill won’t be quite as dramatic, however most homeowners will still save around £30 a year on the cost of lighting their home. As the price of energy goes up, this saving could become even more substantial.

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