Job Worth Doing training pods: training the next generation of installers

As our customers and suppliers will know, the team at Job Worth Doing take quality control very seriously.

We’re incredibly proud of the work we do and the service we provide, and we make every effort to ensure each and every installation is as high quality as possible.

To this end, we’ve launched a brand new apprenticeship scheme. Helping to train the next generation of installers, our specially designed courses will help to ensure that all future Job Worth Doing installers are up to scratch.

Job Worth Doing Installer Training Academy

Launched in conjunction with GQA, Chase Taylor and Total Support Training, the new Job Worth Doing Installer Training Academy will provide high quality instruction to young people looking to enter the industry. Supported by government funding, the training scheme will be the first of its kind in the energy industry.

As well as providing high quality training to future generations of installers, the academy will also help existing installers to brush up on their skills and stay up to date with changing trends and technological developments in the industry.

Training podsTraining - slough-pod

To help bring new and existing installers up to standard, a team of experts will provide on-site mentoring at Entu’s national network of Installation centres. Each of the centres will feature a custom built training pod where the apprentices can learn all about installation and perfect their skills. The pods will also help our apprentices to achieve their NVQ levels 1-3, giving them the know how and the expertise they need for a career as a high quality installer.

Throughout the two years of their apprenticeship, course tutors will visit the apprentices at ISC centres across the country. This will help to ensure that the trainees are meeting the required standards and that all centres are offering the same level of quality training.


The Job Worth Doing Installer Training Academy will provide specialist, up-to-date training to fitters working within the window and door installation sector.

All of our installers are trained to meet Minimum Technical Competencies standards. What’s more, as the Job Worth Doing Window and Door Installer Apprenticeship has been designed in conjunction with GQA Qualifications Ltd, the leading awarding organisation for glass related industries, trainees and customers can be confident our apprentices will be fully trained and ready for action when qualified.

To find out more about the scheme, or to apply for an apprenticeship yourself, have a look around our site today.