Conserving the Conservatory

LivinROOFToo cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, old-fashioned conservatories are often left unused these days’ thanks to their inhospitable climates. Luckily, the industry has come up with an innovative solution to this age old conservatory quandary: the LivinROOF.

A stylish and practical alternative to poorly insulated polycarbonate, the LivinROOF will transform an existing conservatory into a useful part of your home and ensure a new extension is comfortable, eye-catching and usable throughout the year.

What is a LivinROOF?

The LivinROOF is a state of the art conservatory roofing system that allows glazed and solid panels to be seamlessly combined. This enables designers to maximise the use of natural light within a space, while ensuring the roof is insulated enough to keep cold air out in the winter and keep temperatures down in the summer.

Thanks to its innovative design, the LivinROOF can be formed to fit any roof shape and suit any building style. This means that it can be used to replace the existing roof on any conservatory and that your new extension can be any size, shape and style that you want.

The materials used to create the LivinROOF have a 0.18 U Value. That means that a LivinROOF is around 15 times more thermally efficient than polycarbonate roofs and old glass roofs that don’t have solar control.

Installing a LivinROOF

Whether you’re replacing an existing roof or putting the finishing touch to your new extension, having a LivinROOF installed is easy. The prefabricated design means your new roof won’t need to be cut to fit onsite, ensuring you can enjoy your new temperate conservatory as soon as possible.

The insulated composite external panels that make up the LivinROOF are incredibly tough and durable, utilising Ultraframe technology to create a roof that will last you for years.

Stylish new look

When you have your new LivinROOF installed, you can opt to include a classic cornice into the design. This will allow you to hide your guttering, giving your new roof a sleek look and an elegant silhouette.

Not only will your new LivinROOF look great from the outside, it will also help to transform your space on the inside. All LivinROOF installations come with a LivinROOM perimeter ceiling system as standard, giving you a stylish spot to store your speakers, spotlights and other built in accessories.

If you want to expand your useful living space or transform the look of an existing conservatory with a LivinROOF, or if you’d just like to find out more about the system, have a look around our website or get in touch with a member of our team.