Connected Living – What is it and why is everyone talking about it?

Connected Living

When you look back at the sci-fi films and TV shows of the 60s, 70s and 80s, it’s easy to be disappointed by the number of futuristic inventions that have yet to materialise. From transporters and flying cars to household robots and time machines, we’re still waiting for many of the inventions we were promised.

Though there are lots of gadgets and technologies that haven’t appeared on the market, a number of incredibly futuristic innovations have already revolutionised the way we live. The internet, smartphones, 4G and other connective technologies are transforming how we work, play and live, making our lives more connected than ever.

What is connected living?

If you pay attention to tech news and innovation, you’ve probably heard the term ‘connected living’ a lot recently. The phrase relates to how we’re all going to live in the future and is the first step on the ladder to truly futuristic homes.

In a completely connected world, all of our devices will talk to each other, and to the internet, to ensure our lives run as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. Your alarm clock will be able to check the travel news every morning and wake you up early if the roads are looking slow. Your car seatbelt might be able to monitor your blood pressure and alert your doctor to any abnormalities and your fridge, mirror and cupboards will be able to display reminders and let you know when you’re running low on supplies.

What’s more, you’ll be able to access your music albums, films, games, books and files from wherever you happen to be as everything will be stored in the cloud.

Connected Living Future HomesWhen will we achieve connected living?

Though this may sound like a vision of the distant future, connected living is closer than you think and many experts believe everything in our world will be entwined by 2025.

Some aspects of connected living are available now, with smart heating, lighting and entertainment systems already making peoples’ lives easier and more streamlined. The prevalence of the cloud is also already having an impact on the way we live with more and more employees working remotely and working practices becoming more fluid and more flexible.

Why is everyone talking about connected living?

Connected living will change the way we all live for good so it’s no surprise everyone is talking about it. Over the next couple of years, our homes are likely to become more and more connected until, before we know it, everything in our life is intertwined.