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Connected Living – What is it and why is everyone talking about it?

When you look back at the sci-fi films and TV shows of the 60s, 70s and 80s, it’s easy to be disappointed by the number of futuristic inventions that have yet to materialise. From transporters and flying cars to household robots and time machines, we’re still waiting for many of the inventions we were promised. […]

What Impact Will the Budget Have on You?

Like many of the Budgets that have come before, the Chancellor’s most recent book balancing efforts have got businesses and industry leaders across the country scratching their heads. With so many changes affecting so many different areas of the economy, it can take a little time to work out who are the winners and are […]

What would the Brexit mean for UK regulations?

In February 2016, UK Prime Minister David Cameron announced the UK referendum to leave or to stay in the EU will be held at the end of June, so the next few months are sure so see a vibrant and passionate debate from both sides over the pros and cons of EU membership. As most […]

New Builds & Affordable Housing in the UK

In recent years, houses prices in almost every corner of the UK have sky rocketed. For many people on low and middle incomes, even one bedroom flats are now out of reach, with London boasting all ten of the most expensive postcodes in the country. As demand is vastly outstripping supply, the only way to […]

Affordable Homes in the UK

The UK housing market is under pressure. With prices going up fast and demand hugely outstripping supply, first time buyers are finding it more difficult than ever to get a foot on the housing ladder. In London and the South East, the problem is even more severe, with all of the ten least affordable postcodes […]