What would the Brexit mean for UK regulations?

In February 2016, UK Prime Minister David Cameron announced the UK referendum to leave or to stay in the EU will be held at the end of June, so the next few months are sure so see a vibrant and passionate debate from both sides over the pros and cons of EU membership.

As most builders, electricians, plumbers and boiler repair companies are affected by EU rules and regulations, many will be wondering if a Brexit would change the way they work. Though it’s impossible to say exactly how each sector will be affected by the changes, the odds are that a Brexit would have a big impact on the working practices of professionals across the country.

EU regulations

The vast majority of the EU-made rules and regulations that affect the building industry, and related sectors, have been created for improving health and safety reasons. Designed to ensure boiler installations, wiring, plumbing, new roofs, windows and other essential building components meet minimum standards of safety and security, these regulations have helped to improve the quality of works carried out in private and commercial properties throughout the UK.

As well as improving the quality of the work done on site, EU regulations also help to keep professionals safe while they’re working. Ensuring that employers meet minimum standards of safety and that employees aren’t put in any dangerous situations, these workplace regulations are an important part of running a responsible business.

Will regulations change?Brexit

If Britain votes to leave the EU, UK enterprise will no longer be bound by its rules and regulations. However, companies still wanting to trade and collaborate with EU partners will still have to abide to standard regulations for their business to continue as normal.

There is a plausible chance UK government will bring in replacement regulations to ensure that employees are protected in the workplace and that customers are guaranteed a good standard of work.

Entu regulations

The brands within Entu group already go above and beyond the statutory standards and operate to an exceptionally high standard, so the removal of EU regulations won’t affect the quality of the work we do. So whether we’re in or out of the EU we’ll continue to go above & beyond to ensure our customers receive the best service possible, as well as ensuring our employees are safe and happy.

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