About Us

Commercial solutions

  • We specialise in SME’s (small to medium sized enterprises)
  • Local delivery by local people
  • Everything is managed centrally, all under one roof ensuring that you only have one point of contact
  • We have a fantastic range of finance packages available
  • We will carry out a survey and recommend the measures that will have the best impact on your premises
  • Protecting your assets

Community solutions

  • Private home-owners
  • Local businesses / large commercials
  • We will engage with local companies, creating a community of suppliers
  • Local delivery / labour
  • We have multiple finance solutions available
  • We will carry out a no obligation assessment of your needs and recommend the best products for your needs. We don’t have to hard sell as our products will bring immediate savings

Domestic solutions

  • Reducing your energy bills
  • Improving energy efficiency
  • Long term solutions
  • Multi measure
  • We will also create a portal showing customers their personal energy usage and the costs involved
  • No sales agent will call; we will send a friendly surveyor to assess your property and offer you the best solutions

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